Dear Readers: a call to Rest

Dear Readers: a call to Rest


It's been a long few weeks — have you felt it?

Myself, along with many people I know, are feeling drained, in need of oasis and retreat (how is it November already?). Maybe it's the anxiety of this year coming to a close, or the anticipation as we await a new one, 2023.

I, for one, could use a reset. So, this means, this week, there will be no advice.

Instead of using my brain, I'll be surrendering to the needs of my body for the next week or two. Self-care, if you will.

This is the reality of being an active participant in the climate movement; there will be moments where we must recharge.

What will you do this weekend to help you re-center and recharge?

I'll be reading, snacking, lounging with my dog, daydreaming about a sustainable future...

Talk to you all soon. I'll be back 11/18.