About Warmly, Zaria

About Warmly, Zaria

Warmly, Zaria is a Currently newsletter and advice column, where readers can submit their most pressing questions centered around how to navigate the climate crisis. Your questions will be responded to by Zaria Howell, Currently's managing editor who is pursuing a master's in social work at Columbia University.

You can submit your questions here:

Warmly, Zaria: Submission Form
Hi family, Welcome to the Warmly, Zaria Official Submission Form. Remember that your questions should be climate and/or mental health oriented. Any questions rooted in bigotry, abuse and/or violence will not be tolerated or answered. Thank you for your thoughtful questions and I can’t wait to r…

A word of caution.

Zaria is not a licensed therapist and Warmly, Zaria is not a place for emergency help if you are feeling like you might harm yourself or others. In the US, if you are in crisis, call 988 or chat online with a live crisis counselor 24/7.

Thoughtful responses.

The newsletter is not meant to replace traditional mental health counseling — it provides a virtual space to explore some of our time's most pressing climate-oriented questions.

A sense of community.

The ultimate goal is for the newsletter, and the questions you submit, to bring us closer to one another through our shared experience of living through and experiencing a changing climate. From how to navigate the mental health impacts of climate doomism to how to have healthy, climate-conscious conversations with family or friends — Warmly, Zaria aims to provide some support and guidance.

We're so glad you're here on this journey with us.